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Turkish Criminal Lawyers

Akkas & Associates Turkish criminal lawyers have been providing advocacy and consultancy services to our clients in criminal cases since 1992 and represent themselves in criminal courts as both the complainant’s attorney and the defendant’s attorney.

Our Turkish criminal lawyer team provides advocacy and consultancy services to our clients in order to provide the most effective result, within the framework of their experience and knowledge in criminal law cases.

Criminal proceedings in our country are carried out by the Turkish Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. While the Turkish Penal Code determines the penalties, the Code of Criminal Procedure indicates the procedures and procedures of the trial.

Our Turkish criminal lawyers prepare the complaint petition and its annexes, are present during the taking of statements at the Law Enforcement Office and the Prosecutor’s Office, and serve as the defense counsel and the complainant in the Penal Courts.

Our Turkish criminal lawyers also represent our clients as defendants’ counsel and attorneys in the Magistrates’ and Criminal Courts of First Instance, they object to the decisions of non-prosecution given by the prosecutor’s office and the arrest decisions made by the courts, and they prepare appeal petitions and visit prisoners and convicts in prison.

Our Turkish criminal lawyers prepare defenses and represent our clients at hearings on charges related to DUI, fraud, customs smuggling, abuse of trust, credit card fraud, damage to property, negligent injury, and tax evasion.

Turkish Criminal Lawyers

We’re Turkish Criminal Lawyers

In criminal law, crimes and their sanctions are examined in general. The process from the commission of the crime to the execution of the penalty is a sensitive process. Many crimes are regulated in the Turkish Penal Code.

In terms of criminal law, the existence of legal elements is necessary for crimes to occur. For example, although the crime of damaging property is regulated by law, this crime cannot be committed by negligence. Therefore, a person who unintentionally damages another’s property will not be guilty in terms of criminal law.

As can be seen, the results can vary with very fine details in terms of criminal law. If a person under suspicion of a crime thinks he is not guilty or does not deserve the punishment demanded, or if an individual who thinks that a crime has been committed against him or her thinks he is a victim, he should express his opinion effectively.

For example, in crimes subject to complaint, the duration of the complaint is six months from the date of learning of the crime and the offender. Even if the victim makes a request after this period, his request will not be taken seriously.

In this context, it is vital to act with professional help in asserting the rights in terms of criminal law, observing the time, showing the accusations, and revealing the nature of the act. At this point, the following title should be well understood.

Importance of Lawyer in Criminal Law

Criminal case lawyers in Turkey represent the suspect, the accused, the victim, the participant, and the other persons responsible for the crime. In this context, they stay in courthouses, law enforcement offices, or other places important for crime, participate in deposition and interrogation, provide information about the accusation, and protect rights through petitions or verbally.

Therefore, effective and strong representation is of vital importance in terms of not losing the right to freedom, which is one of the most fundamental human rights.

While the main objective is to compensate for the loss and to ensure the conscientious satisfaction of the victim for the victim, the main objective is to protect the freedom of the suspect or the accused, not to be treated unfairly, and not to be exposed to disproportionate sanctions.

As it can be understood from the above, criminal law is a branch that should not be risked because it is a branch that directly affects freedom, and representation with a lawyer is very important in this context. The ability of the lawyer to represent you is also important. Because the purpose of criminal law is to reveal the material truth.

Therefore, the role of the lawyer is decisive in putting forward the evidence, in effective defense, in the claim of the existing and damaged interest or right, in communication with the client, and in dominating the laws and other legislation.

Likewise, if the person who is a victim of a crime does not receive the punishment he deserves, he will not feel safe and will have difficulty in continuing his life normally. For this reason, it is important to work with a criminal law lawyer.

Our Services as Turkish Criminal Lawyers

  • Preparation of complaint petition and its annexes
  • Being present during the taking of statements at the law enforcement and prosecutor’s office
  • Defendant’s lawyer and complainant’s attorneyship in High Criminal Courts
  • Defendant’s lawyer and complainant’s attorneyship in Criminal Courts of First Instance
  • Defendant’s lawyer and complainant’s attorneyship in Criminal Courts of Peace
  • Objection to the decisions of non-prosecution given by the prosecutor’s office
  • Objection to arrest and protection decisions
  • Preparation of a petition
  • Visits to prisoners and convicts in prison

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Akkas & Associates provides advocacy and consultancy services to our clients in criminal complaints, prosecution, investigation, and other criminal cases, and represents them in criminal courts.

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