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Turkish Child Custody Law

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We understand your needs when it comes to family law issues. We’re dedicated to helping you make the right decisions, even during difficult and emotional circumstances. Our Turkish family lawyers and divorce attorneys give you sound legal advice based upon the law, our experience and the unique facts of your situation. Our firm’s family lawyers are devoted exclusively to family law issues including contested divorce, uncontested divorce, alimony & compensation, child custody & support, recognition of foreign divorce decrees, and litigation.

Turkish Child Custody Law & Regulations

Child custody can be the single most difficult issue in the divorce process. Assets are split in the petition as a one time agreement, but the impact of custody arrangements continues after the divorce is finalized in accordance to the details of the petition. It is a common tactic in divorce proceedings to point out the other party as an unfit parent. The purpose of this approach is to win custody of the children, limit visitation rights of the other party, protect the children from harm, or to make one’s claim that they are the better party for which the court should assign custody. You must prepare yourself that you could be portrayed this way in the divorce proceedings. It is often said that all the “dirty laundry” comes out during divorce. Understand that this is a fight in which you must represent your best interests as well as the best interests of your children.


According to Turkish Family Law; there is only one type of conservatorship is available which is Sole Managing Conservatorship. It refers to the custodial parent who has actual possession of the child at all times, except during the time the other parent has visitation rights. There is no Joint Managing Conservatorship yet.

The family regulations in Turkey include the rules regarding children, especially when their parents made a decision to get divorced. The rules related to custody are to be found in the Turkish Civil Code Law No. 4721 that stipulates that the mother and the father have the custody rights since the birth of a child until he/she is 18 years old.

If they are divorced, the custody is given to one of the parents, if the child was born during the marriage, and to the mother if she gave birth outside a conjugal union. The both parents are the legal representatives of the child until he is 18 years old; after this age, she/he will represent himself and his/her parents aren’t allowed anymore to act on his/her behalf.

Turkish Child Custody Law

Turkish Family Law & Divorce Regulations

Turkey legally recognizes marriages executed in Turkey. A marriage is registered at a local Vital Statistics Office (Nufus Dairesi). In Turkey, all family records are recorded in the Vital Statistics office that was the original home to the family. Even if no one currently lives in that area, births, marriages, divorces, and other events are recorded in this one location.

In the event the marriage was executed in another country, the marriage may be registered through the nearest Turkish consulate. The Turkish Consulate will forward the documents to the office that handles that family record book.

To terminate a legal marriage it is required to obtain a divorce decree from a Turkish family court. Divorce proceedings are generally open to the public. However, at the request of either party, a judge may choose to preside over a closed or private court case. Judges may also take temporary measures for the protection of the parties, their property, and the welfare of their children.

Separation Regulations in Turkey

When a divorce case is filed, a judge may decide on separation, if he or she determines there is a possibility of the parties reconciling. A period of 1-3 years can be given for separation before the final decision to grant a divorce is reached.

Following a divorce, the woman generally resumes the last name she had before the marriage. She may, however, continue to use her husband’s last name if the judge approves this decision. The divorced woman may not legally remarry within 300 days following the date of the dissolution except in cases where court permission is obtained.

In divorce cases in Turkey, the court also rules on child custody issues. The court may compel non-custodial parents to contribute to each child’s health and education expenses in proportion to the parent’s economic status.

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