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Istanbul Real Estate Lawyers

Akkas & Associates is a globally recognized Turkish real estate law firm with a long record of excellence and professional leadership in Istanbul, Turkey. Our Istanbul real estate lawyers are prepared to handle real estate transactions. Our real estate law practice includes; buying, leasing, and selling residential and commercial properties to both domestic and foreign customers in Turkey. Our Turkish real estate lawyers also represent our clients in real property acquisition, we prepare real estate sale contracts or amend the contracts that are prepared by the developers. We also represent our clients in real estate law litigation.

Akkas & Associates Law Firm’s real estate law attorneys aggressively represents individuals, family-owned businesses, and corporations in all aspects of real estate law, including buying, developing, leasing, financing and selling real estate in Turkey. Akkas & Associates attorneys have represented buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and lenders. We have also represented numerous developers on a wide range of development projects, including cluster homes, residential subdivisions, industrial facilities and parks, multi-tenant office buildings, shopping facilities, hotels.

We’re Istanbul Real Estate Lawyers

Akkas & Associates advises clients on all aspects of their projects, including the determination of the development vehicle to use, the initial assembly of the property, obtaining local, state approvals for permits and zoning, construction of the project, and ultimate sale or lease of the development. Throughout each of these stages, Akkas & Associates attorneys assist clients in obtaining and analyzing environmental site assessments and in working with consultants, lenders and governmental authorities in related environmental matters. We also assist in workouts on behalf of owners and lenders.

Istanbul Real Estate Lawyers

Turkish Real Estate Law

Our firm’s Real Estate attorneys have significant experience in negotiating and drafting construction and land acquisition contracts, as well as handling land use and zoning matters, and right of way and other property acquisitions in Turkey.

Our Turkish Real Estate Lawyers are prepared to handle all types of business matters. Our Turkish real estate lawyers also represent our clients in the following areas of law; corporate law, company formation and governance, labour employment law, bankruptcy & debt recovery, work and resident permit applications, mergers & acquisitions, due diligence, and commercial transactions.

Turkish construction lawyers provide a wide range of services to anyone involved in any stage of a construction project. From planning to completion, construction lawyers represent owners, designers, architects, material suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors. A construction lawyer will assist their client with scheduling, budgeting, fulfilling regulatory guidelines, contracting, submitting claims, terminations, and so much more. A construction lawyer also works preventatively by being actively involved throughout the construction process in order to avoid litigation, arbitration, and other legal conflicts.

Turkish Construction Law

Most importantly, a construction lawyer has an intimate, expert understanding of both construction and construction law. A construction lawyer understands all stages, tasks, machinery, and other fine details that make-up a construction site. A construction lawyer is not a dabbling layman: he/ she has an expert understanding of the construction process, as well as the wide bulk of substantive law.

Turkish Construction Law

What Does a Construction Lawyer Cover?

A construction lawyer can help with a myriad of areas relevant to the construction process. A construction lawyer must have comprehensive knowledge of the planning, execution, and completion of a construction project in order to provide their specialized services.

Some of the major areas a construction lawyer covers are:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions
  • Arbitration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Building permits
  • Construction claims
  • Constructions liens
  • Drafting construction contracts
  • Insurances issues
  • Labor issues

Who Needs a Construction Lawyer?

Anyone involved during any step of a private or public construction project can benefit from retaining a construction lawyer. A construction lawyer not only protects you from (and represents you during) legal conflict, but they also keep you on track with budgets, timelines, and following imposed codes. A construction lawyer will ensure your job site runs efficiently, effectively, and safely. A construction lawyer has a keen legal eye for the specifications of government contracting and contract breaches alike. They are a vital part of your construction team, and as such will become very familiar with the site, people, machinery, and contracts, they are so intimately working with.

A construction lawyer will know you, protect you, defend you and save you time, stress, and money. As Turkey continues to grow, we’re beautifying and expanding her roads, cities, residences, and public resources. From road construction, to apartment complexes and malls, Turkey relies on efficient, effective, and safe construction to best serve her people. Especially in Istanbul, home to Akkas & Associates, it is imperative that construction is conducted safely and according to all imposed laws and codes. We make a better Turkey when construction lawyers are involved in construction projects.

Turkish Citizenship with Property Purchase

Turkey has slashed the financial and investment criteria for foreigners to become Turkish citizens. According to new regulations, foreigners can become Turkish citizens, if they own property worth 250,000 US Dollars for three years. Foreigners purchased 4.6 billion US Dollars worth of properties last year, with a large proportion of them from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Russia, according to official data.

Turkish Citizenship Law’s Article 12 allows foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship in exceptional terms; with 18.09.2018 dated 106 numbered Presidential Decree, amendatory new arrangements have been made regarding the amounts mentioned in the Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the afore mentioned Law.

We do perform legal services for property purchase and management for foreign clients. Our services include preparation, legal help and representation regarding the sale or purchase of a real estate property in Turkey.

An English-speaking attorney will prepare your purchase and sale agreement to buy or sell an off-plan or second-hand house or apartment in Turkey. Our lawyer will advise you of any potential pitfalls, recommend specific changes that would benefit you, discuss or negotiate these concerns and changes with the other party, and accompany you to the Title Deed Office to close the transaction.

Our Real Estate Purchase Services Include;

  • Discuss Client concerns and issues with Client.
  • Draft or review the offer, purchase contract.
  • Discuss or negotiate the offer or contract with the Developer or the Developer’s lawyer.
  • Prepare up to two sets of revisions or responses to counteroffers, if necessary.
  • Review the information provided by the developer (if the property is off-plan).
  • Check whether the house is free of charges and/or rented out (if the property is a second-hand home).
  • Check whether the Real Estate Tax payments are in good standing.
  • Check the local Municipality whether the Developer has all necessary licenses.
  • Accompany you to the Title Deed Office in order to sign the purchase and sale deed.
  • Change the property title in the Cadastral office.
  • Process Client stamp duty tax on your behalf.

Our Turkish Citizenship Application Shall Consist of All Following Matters;

  • Prepare residency application documents for Client, his wife and children.
  • Prepare citizenship application documents for Client, his wife and children.
  • Follow up application until the Turkish passports given.

Below Citizenship Services are Also Included in Our Fees:

  • Getting the documents translated and notarized.
  • Applying for the Turkish Tax Id Number.
  • Assistance for opening a bank account in Turkey.

Property Management Services in Turkey:

After we completed your property purchase, we can provide below services with an additional fee;

  • Registering your property with local Municipality to pay annual Environmental and Garbage Collection Tax.
  • Arrange a real estate agent to list your property to lease.
  • To sign a lease contract with your tenant.
  • To make sure if the tenant is paying rent on time.
  • If the tenant is not paying rent on time, we will send him/her a warning letter.
  • If it is needed, we can file a law suit to evict the tenant.
  • To observe if the tenant is paying monthly dues to the management.

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Akkas & Associates is a solution-oriented law firm that empowers clients to meet the diverse and changing demands of today’s intellectual property law. Since 1992, our lawyers have been helping clients’ complex legal challenges and maximize opportunities for success. Our law firm is now one of the leading Real Estate law firms in Istanbul, Turkey. You may reach us for Istanbul Real Estate Lawyers through our Contact page.

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