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Accounting and Payroll Services in Turkey

Akkas & Associates’ accounting team is ready to assist with your needs for accounting and payroll services in Turkey. Our company formation lawyers are experienced in limited company formation, joint stock company, holding company, branch office, liaison office, free trade zone company incorporation, and company management and governance.

Today, clients are faced with unprecedented challenges as new laws and regulations are changing the way the corporate world works. Akkas & Associates Turkish Law Firm has one of the preeminent corporate governance practices in Turkey, drawing upon the expertise of our corporate, securities, governance, litigation, and compensation specialists to provide our clients with the information and analysis needed to respond to a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Accounting and Payroll Services in Turkey

We offer accounting and payroll services in Turkey, at competitive prices, to foreign businessmen who establish a company in Turkey.

After you register a company in Turkey, you will need to hire an accountant in order to manage the financial issues and offer solutions to lower the costs for your business. A good accountant will help you save money and make your company more efficient in terms of costs. In a short time, if your company is managed well from all points of view, the profit will increase.

An experienced accountant knows all the rules and regulations related to your business activity and will offer you the best advice in order to protect your money. Before hiring an accountant, you should check if he is registered at an accounting body in Turkey, so you will be sure that he is a professional and you can trust him.

Accounting and Payroll Services in Turkey

Services Provided by Accountants

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) must be registered by TURMOB (UNION OF CHAMBERS OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS OF TURKEY) in Turkey. Our accountants will prepare financial statements for a tax return, make an audit, and be responsible for bookkeeping and financial planning, and other different accounting services. Here are our accounting services;

  • Payroll
  • Tax registration and compliance
  • Annual tax filings
  • Consolidation
  • Tax returns
  • Debt monitoring and risk assessment

The accountant you choose can represent you in front of the Turkish authorities and can act on your behalf of you in the financial field. He will help you manage your business related to accounting even if you can’t spend too much time in Turkey. When you are abroad, the accountant will offer professional assistance with business management and he can take care of the property administration.

One Accountant or a Team of Accountants?

You can choose to hire one accountant if you have a small business or an accounting firm if you run a large company. A team of accountants with different backgrounds can provide a wide range of financial services and will find the best solutions to grow your profit and lower your costs. The accountants will inform you anytime about the income, costs, and taxes and they will offer you confidentiality regarding the financial documents.

An experienced team of accountants can offer you studies and analysis in order that you can choose the best ways to manage your business and obtain the best results. Besides this information, the team provides regular updates related to Turkish legislation and regulations that can be changed year after year and can have a great impact on your business outlook.

Whenever you need accounting services in Turkey, you can contact our specialists in company formation who can help you hire the best accountant for your business, at low costs. If you have a large business we can recommend you an accounting firm or a team of experienced accountants.

Akkas & Associates Provides Top-Tier Experience

The expertise and specialization of our attorneys and the forging of a team approach to problem-solving enable us to address and meet your particular challenge with the application of the most appropriate talents and experience.

We invite you to learn more about these practice areas; business & commercial law, criminal defense, foreign investment law, intellectual property law, litigation & trial practice, and tax law to meet our teams and attorneys who comprise them.

Our Services for Company Formation in Turkey

Our attorneys are experienced in the formation and governance of;

in Turkey. We maintain an unsurpassed practice of counseling and represent large and small companies and boards of directors regarding entity formation and corporate governance matters. We advise our public and private clients on all matters concerning the formation of new entities from corporate formalities to tax issues.

We regularly advise clients with respect to the formation of companies. Our services with respect to company formation include advising and drafting documents in connection with the formation of corporations, limited liability companies, and liaison offices.

We provide targeted advice with respect to both the choice of entity and Turkish laws under which the entity is to be organized.

We also advise our company clients on a full range of new laws and related matters, as well as other corporate governance rules. Our clients range from small private companies with no internal legal staff to medium size companies with their own internal legal staff. For each of our clients, we tailor our approach to that client’s unique requirements.

Reach us for Accounting and Payroll Services in Turkey

Akkas & Associates Law Firm is a solution-oriented law firm that empowers clients to meet the diverse and changing demands of today’s global market. Since 1992, our lawyers have been helping clients with complex legal challenges and maximizing opportunities for success. Our law firm is now one of the leading law firms in Istanbul, Turkey.

You may reach us for accounting and payroll services in Turkey through our Contact page.

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